About us

About Us

OrganicGardening-101.com is a family run business. Our family members have been avid gardeners and cooks for three generations. Between four brothers, our mother, and our children we have accumulated over 200 years of gardening experience.

One unique thing about us: We’ve lived and gardened in a number of places across North America, including New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Alaska, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington State, and British Columbia, Canada.

Created by two of us, Keith and Jeffrey , this website is our opportunity to share the passion we feel about organic gardening and the knowledge we have accumulated over the years. By sharing a bit of information about us, we hope that you will be encouraged to explore our website and share with us what you’ve learned or what you would like to learn about organic gardening.


The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another’s, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises.





“One of my fondest childhood memories is getting up on a sunny summer morning, grabbing the salt shaker from the kitchen table and walking out to the family garden by crossing a wooden bridge that forded a small stream. I was four years old and had a thing for fresh tomatoes, washed in the stream and salted. I would sit in the dirt and devour as many as I could before my Mom stopped me.”


“When I grew my first garden, all I planted was yellow wax beans.  I was so amazed that I could eat something that I grew, that for years, yellow wax beans were my favorite vegetable.”


Keith currently lives on several acres in Georgetown, Texas, a small town near Austin, where the easiest thing to grow are rocks.

He has spent the last several years composting, experimenting with vermiculture and developing his organic gardening skills in the limestone rich hills of central Texas.

He has an active interest in rainwater collection and his house and gardens operate exclusively on rainwater. None of the vegetables that he grows has ever touched man-made chemicals, not even chlorinated water.


In addition to organic gardening, Keith is involved in using natural methods to meet the unique challenges of living in a semi-desert environment, including xeriscaping and geomorphologic water retention. He also has an avid interest in locally generated water, power and food.


He has great hopes that organicgardening-101.com will serve as both a learning and sharing experience and has already been exposed to many interesting ideas and people through this pursuit.



About Us: Jeffrey”My first garden was a piece of ground under my bedroom window. I didn’t know anything about planting so I took cuttings from every flower and shrub in the neighborhood and pressed them into the soil in my little garden. I was astonished when the geraniums and mums actually grew and bloomed! From then on I was hooked on gardening.”


Jeffrey currently lives in an apartment in downtown Seattle, Washington.

Due to his profession as an Architect, he lives in the city where there are lots of buildings and where there is work. He gardens in the park across the street from his apartment in the City’s extensive P-Patch program.

He has been gardening for 44 years in various suburban and urban gardens. This experience has given Jeffrey extensive knowledge with intensive planting methods, acid soil conditions, cool springs and autumns, and unique urban gardening issues.


With a passion for cooking, and a keen interest in community gardening, Jeffrey works to strengthen the connections between what we eat and how we grow or procure our food. He is a local advocate for urban community gardens, organic certification programs, community supported agriculture (CSA’s), and farmers markets. He hopes that this website will provide a comprehensive guide on how to grow the healthy food you desire, how to harvest and prepare it in ways that enhance your wellbeing and make the world a greener place to live.


As an Architect, Jeffrey is an Accredited Professional as a Leader in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). His professional focus has been in Green Architecture, particularly in Healthcare design, since hospitals are essential facilities that must be in operation at all times, and are the leading consumers of energy in buildings. He serves on the editorial board of Start Something! a Seattle-based e-magazine focusing on the Architectural industry’s response to global warming and energy-efficiency, which won a national award for Marketing Journalism in 2008.