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In this article, I want to tell you all about the Outsunny greenhouses. I ended up buying this greenhouse from Amazon. So, if you do live in USA or Canada, off course, you know them. Here is my Outsunny greenhouses review.

¿ Who are Outsunny?

Outsunny is a company who makes  a lot of products for patio and garden. Outsunny has a wide catalog of products for the garden and outside such as awnings, pergolas, furniture sets, chairs, armchairs, sun loungers, hammocks, huts, greenhouses and charcoal barbecues, among others.

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Outsunny greenhouses

They have a couple different greenhouses that you can buy them if you are interested in. So, let’s talk about size. they have everything. Quite large, I know the standard size of the greenhouses you can buy are typically like the small ones

The standard size is about 6 feet wide by 8 feet long and that is originally the size you were going to get.


And when we originally got this one, we put it up and I thought oh my gosh this thing is enormous but now that I’m in here I am so happy that I ended up getting the bigger size.

I guess the number one thing that I would say to you is if you have the room in your yard and your spouse or significant other is okay with having a greenhouse in the yard. I say get a bigger one.


I’ll actually show you the structure of the greenhouse and you have a installation video of us putting it up but I’ll show you some of the tricks I guess or tips if you are going to buy an out sunny greenhouse because they missed I think a critical piece in the instructions.


But yeah, it’s been great. It’s we’ve had freezing weather below freezing weather for multiple days and it’s been great in here right now. it’s really nice there’s no way, I’d be able to sit and do

this video outside the greenhouse right now it would be way too cold.


How to decide to buy a greenhouse

If you have a freezing weather during winter for multiple days it is going to be great have a outsunny greenhouse in here right now.

it’s really nice there’s no way, I’d be able to sit and do

gardening outside the greenhouse during winter it would be way too cold.


If you’re not sure whether or not a greenhouse is a good idea and you love to garden. I can tell you, if you have the space I would venture out into a greenhouse.


We buy the greenhouse in outumn, at the beginning of October. It took just a few days to ship which was really nice.

outsunny greenhouse

Wasn’t exceptionally heavy not really that hard to put together; it’s essentially just metal rods held

together with screws and piece of plastic stuck over the top.

So, yes you could definitely if you’re handy and you know your way around a hardware store you could probably just build one of these yourself but I decided to go with one that was already put together for me it was like a it was a kit.


I didn’t have to worry about trying to figure out how to get this thing together making sure that it was structurally sound and it wasn’t going to blow away and it wasn’t going to collapse on me. So, I’m definitely really happy with the greenhouse.

Windows for greenhouse ventilation


The other thing I like about this greenhouse are that there are windows. One of the things that when I was learning about reading up on greenhouses is they were saying that you need to vent your greenhouse on warmer days.


If it’s a really sunny day and it’s not even in the middle of winter but especially in the fall and in the spring when it’s not freezing cold it’s just too cold it’s just a little bit too cold, you need to be able to vent your your greenhouse so that there’s air circulation in here and that you don’t cook your crops.


I mean, I can’t say from experience that I’ve seen crops being cooked because I this is my first time ever owning in greenhouse but I tried to do a lot of reading up ahead of time and that’s the one thing that I did make sure that I was that I could find in this style of greenhouse and if you do your own hoop house with your own plastic that you buy from the hardware store.


I don’t know how you’re supposed to vent them, I’m sure people it can probably just open the door but my only worry with that was I don’t want to  allow animals to get in here. So, the beauty of these windows on this particular style is that there are six windows; three on each side and you open them from the outside.


So, on the windows there’s actually a mesh netting and that’s on the interior and then on the outside there’s a piece of plastic secured with Velcro and two strings. So, all you do is you really just roll up

the greenhouse or you really just roll up the window, tie the string in a knot.


I would say probably in a double knot or in a bow if you do a double knot you just have to consider that it’s going to be a little bit harder to unscrew. So, if you’re absolutely freezing your butt off and you run out here and you have to close the window just know that if you do a double knot it’s gonna take a little bit longer.

You might be cursing you’re you’re double mad at that point.


I try to do it in a bow they’re not exceptionally long strings but I can usually get a bow out of it and that’s it. So, what I did. So, far when it was before it got to freezing temperatures was I just kept one window open on either side and that seemed to allow enough air circulation in here.


It was definitely warmer inside the greenhouse but it wasn’t scorching hot in here and from what I’ve read the greenhouse can get really hot when it’s warm outside and especially when it’s sunny. So, that’s the one thing that I definitely love about this particular style of greenhouse.


If you are looking into buying one of these more pliable plastic greenhouses. I would definitely consider getting one with windows if you can find it, if you don’t have windows my guess is that you would have to open up the door. So, really what I’m trying to do is to show you how it looks.


I’ve never done this before right now but all you I just want to show you the size of what this you can see,Oh move out of the way but there are strings up here… So, you can see kind of in perspective with me inside the the frame just how wide this door is. I’ve never ever once opened the door like this. I’ve only ever opened this one zipper and just she made my way and it’s really not difficult, yeah here’s the size of the greenhouse from that perspective and I can already see I’ve been sitting in that greenhouse for a while now and I’m totally fine right now


I’ve been out here for I don’t know two minutes and my hands are freezing cold. So, that’s how much warmer it is inside that greenhouse and this is why you don’t do double nuts because when you’re frozen the last thing you want to be doing is I’m doing a double knot on the front because I don’t have because the flap here is on the outside.


I have I put pots down. So, when I get out of the greenhouse. I just take whatever pot I have sitting outside and then just put it over top of the flop there like that and that seems to keep anything from getting in or out.


The number one thing that I would say that I learned from the construction of the greenhouse the instructions that come with it are not very clear there. I mean it’s kind of like the IKEA instructions where it’s just a piece of paper with images which on one hand is nice because you don’t have to try to understand whether what they’re writing and what they’re trying to tell you with their description the images are oftentimes easier but there were really only I don’t know six images or something like that to put

together the whole greenhouse.


So,  it wasn’t very clear on what to do first but I would say the number one thing that I believed was missing from the instructions was when you’re putting up the base. The base has a long piece at the bottom three rods that stick together at the bottom or that hook up vertically, three horizontally, three on the top and then two on the edges that are on a diagonal.


One thing that we didn’t we messed up on when we were putting it together was when we were putting in the vertical rods that hooked up to the bottom base they’re have different ends on one end of it

it’s slightly more narrow.


So, I think the one thing that you have to make sure that you do which we messed up on numerous times in the greenhouse because there was no instructions and we didn’t realize until we got to the next step that we had done something wrong.


So, here’s what I was talking about with this rod here. So, it does connect down to the base you can see there the base is buried underneath the ground right now but what you’ll notice here know if you can see it that well on camera but there is a little bit of an indentation here and it gets narrower up at the top here.


What you want to make sure that you’re doing when you put together the screen house is make sure

that this narrow bit is pointed up. Is pointed up away from the ground because that way it will slot right into this curved piece up here if you put it upside down you’re gonna have to take it apart unscrew it and put it back in right side up.


One thing that you do have to consider with this greenhouse and I would imagine with any greenhouse unless they come with something really strong to secure it to the ground but you’re going to have to make sure that this greenhouse doesn’t blow away.


When I was reading the reviews on this and any hoop house type greenhouse is you have people were saying that their greenhouse was blowing away. So, if you had an allotment. People were saying their greenhouse was blowing 3 a lot their greenhouse blew away 3 allotments / or their greenhouse blew

into their neighbor’s yard and I definitely didn’t want to have anything to do with that I mean I know my neighbors but I don’t think they want to have a greenhouse in their yard.


I wanted to make sure that we secured this greenhouse down really well. The frame itself, we had put the frame up itself before we put up the cover and it didn’t look like we had any issues of securing the frame down.


All I did was I put down I think two bags of dirt there’s on this particular greenhouse there is a base around the entire perimeter. So, it’s not just these sticks you see going up this going up the side and up the top there’s actually a base as well.


Pros and cons of the greenhouse


So, there are there’s a in my opinion a pro and a con to that. The pro is that you can hold the base down with something. So, in my case what I did was I just took two bags at – I think maybe 3 bags of dirt. I put one on the side and one on the back.


I really actually think I just did – and that was enough to not have the frame itself not the cover the frame itself not blow away but I knew that when we put up the cover that would be a different story because it kind of acts like a balloon where the air will come and it will just lift it right up that’s my understanding at least. So, that’s the pro.


The con is that what I learned from people doing their own hoop house was they took some rebar. They stuck it into the ground a couple feet into the ground and then they put their the frame of their hoop house over top of it. So, they just slotted it on and not secured the bay of the greenhouse. So, I thought oh that’s a great idea. Let me see if I can do it.


No, I can’t because there are screws running through all of the pull all of the rods on the screen house. So, there’s not there’s never an opening that’s wide enough for me to put any sort of rebar or anything like that.

So, if that was what you were thinking we’re gonna do with this greenhouse won’t work. So, we had to try to be a little bit more creative.  What we ended up doing with we actually dug a trench all along the perimeter of this greenhouse and we did that for two reasons;

One we felt like it would be more secure if it was dug deeper into the ground because what we could do is we could put soil on top and that would be an extra layer of protection.

The more important reason that we did it was so that we could actually put cement blocks on top of the ground where the base was sitting.

So,what we ended up doing was so like I said we dug a trench then we put the greenhouse inside the trench, took the dirt back, cover to back up and now it was flush with the ground. So, now when we put something on the ground it would lay flat.

Down here I’ll show you exactly what I’m with I was saying how wet renched the greenhouse down. So, I guess I have to move this cement block into the way and you might be able to see how heavy it is like I can’t lift it. I’ll just shimmy it over I just need to.

So, we dug the trench we slotted the bar inside the trench we put dirt back on top of it then put this plastic on top of that and then this cement on top of the plastic. So, this plastic is normally I believe intended to be outside of like if we folded it in, I believe it’s intended to fold out.

You can put dirt and snow on the exterior of the greenhouse. I preferred it to be on the inside. So, that we could use these cement blocks and it would all be inside the greenhouse. We ended up buying our cement blocks from Lowe’s. I believe they were like three dollars and fifteen cents, I think.

So, not very expensive. We actually have one on either one on each corner so that’s four and then one on each side and one on the back. Didn’t put one on the front because the front is primarily a door.

So, if you want to use the entire width of the door then you wouldn’t use the cement block and I have things sitting on the outside. So, far these bricks are these cement blocks that we’ve been that we put on each of the corners has been a great success.

There was we’ve had days where the wind has been over 50 kilometres an hour gusting even higher than that but it’s been great, it was actually right after we put the greenhouse up. I was in the house and I heard that the what we were gonna have really high gusting winds that day.


How to install your Outsunny greenhouses


I was looking outside at the greenhouse looking off is it still standing and it was fine. I mean you could see the wind howling things were leaves were blowing across the yard we had some we hadn’t finished cleaning up for the fall. So, we had stuff kind of scattered over and they were blowing all around the yard and this greenhouse was sitting here perfect.

You could tell it was moving around. I don’t know if you can see in the video behind me but you can see that the greenhouse is definitely kind of shaking not the green house itself but the plastic and it was fine it didn’t move even a bit. So, I think that they’re doing a really great job at securing the screen house.

So, if you do have your own greenhouse even if you’re not going to buy one. I think that that’s a definitely something that you should consider is putting buying these cement blocks. I mean for three dollars in a bit each it’s not a bad investment.

One thing that I have to say about this greenhouse that I was not aware of and I don’t even really understand it now. So, if you do you can tell me is there appears to be some like condensation or there’s water on the inside of this greenhouse and I don’t know if it’s coming from the plants and up but when you’re sitting in here you’ll notice that you get sometimes get rained on and I don’t know if you’ll be able to see in the camera but there are times as I’m talking that you can see drips almost just like little raindrops but isolated… there you go.

I guess if it’s a really aggressive one like just a sudden gust of wind. If it’s just a soft breeze it’s not going to do it but a win like that yeah it will. So, that’s an interesting tidbit inside the greenness. See I don’t know if you can tell but I mean you can see the drops on my pants and you might be able to see it those were some more substantial drops in here.


How to install your Outsunny greenhouse